Texas Railroad Commission makes NGV grants available

BAF Technologies, a company that converts vehicles to run on natural gas, has made its customers aware of a grant from the Texas Railroad Commission to convert vehicles to CNG. The TRC also has a helpful spreadsheet for calculating savings. You can download it here. From the BAF Technologies web site:

On Friday, the Texas Railroad Commissioners announced that the Commission has about $700,000 available in grants to help public fleets, such as those operated by school districts, cities and counties, purchase new, ultra-low-emission natural gas vehicles. The grant funding, which the Commission originally received to use for propane-fueled vehicles, has now been expanded to NGVs and can be used to offset some or all of the incremental costs of a natural gas fuel system on a new or retrofitted vehicle. Matching funds for the purchase of the vehicles must come from non-federal sources. Public fleets statewide are eligible to apply for these grants regardless of the fleet locationĀ¹s air-quality classification. Continue reading